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Seriously though, when you find someone selling an affiliate titan 3.0 review without follow-up email in place you can pretty much bet you'll out-convert them and everyone else by making that effort yourself. Email marketing works man, or haven't you gotten the memo?! (Yeah, yeah that guy selling you the product promoting RSS Feeds as the email killer said
otherwise.) Really - it's not even funny how many people trying to sell something online either don't use email follow-up - or they do it really poorly. When you see this happening it's a gold ticket invitation.
Coupon Codes
Watch for shopping carts that ask for a coupon code. I can assure you my chea . . . fiscally responsible self . . . heads to Google when I see an opportunity to save and so do a lot of other people. The heinous part of this is that person is SO close to ordering and the words "Coupon Code" send them on a wild goose chase they may never return from.
Unless you can provide a coupon code - which can be a deal clincher for you - this is a problem you need to take action on and do something about before YOUR customer either finds that coupon code you didn't have to offer - or they trip over someone else's affiliate link on the way back.

TIP: You can work out discounts, coupon codes, special bonuses, and all kinds of
other deal sweeteners when you just ask.
You won't always get what you ask for, but you'll get it more often than if you don't make the affiliate titan 3.0 review. These things are especially key when you need a wild card to get people off the fence in your email followups.

Overwhelm is a false evidence appearing real. You don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to do anything. And you sure don’t have to do it all now. Besides – you can’t.  This section on Structures and Processes has an intent:  The intent is to start with sanity because that will result in something you can live with. The One Thing Some of us ARE good at working on more than one thing at a time, but most of us aren’t. There are infinite ways to get traffic; you don’t need them all. To start, you only need one. Make the one
work, and then move on. If you can’t make the one work, especially if “the one” is highly targeted, nothing else will work. Forget the flavor of the day, focus on the “the one”.

Dan Sullivan says no matter how much planning you put into something your first attempt will only be about 80% as good as it can be. I’ve found this true. The good news is that 80% good is better than 0% perfect. As well, 80% good is good enough for 80% of the people out there. Accept that your first attempt will only be 80% as good as you hope for. That’s just how it is. Fail faster.  There will be problems and issues to resolve, and
that’s great. Because those problems and issues will give you the information you need to make your next 80% attempt. That attempt will bring you up to 96% “good enough”.
What does this look like? On the following page I’ll give you a visual. But basically, sketch out your general idea and then fill in the blanks with the best answer you have in the affiliate titan 3.0 review . Work against a hard deadline; It will force choices.  The idea is to get that first attempt done as quickly as possible. It will look like a skeleton with minimal meat on the bones. That’s an easier place to work from and improve


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