Alexander Graham Bell

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts Class
By Anthony T.

Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1845 in Edinburgh, Scotland and died August 22, 1922.

Significant Events in History that were Going on in Graham's Life

Helen Keller's Life

The very first Olympic Games

Slavery was abolished in the USA

African Americans and women were given the right to vote in the USA

Graham's Childhood

As a child, Graham was surrounded by people devoted to sound. His father and grandfather ran lectures regarding proper speech. His mother and father strongly put forward his schooling, and Graham loved to learn. Graham followed suit with his elders as his father had Graham and his brother make a machine that could mimic the sounds of a human, teaching worlds of knowledge to Graham and his brother about speech.

Influential People

1. Alexander Melville Bell - As Graham's father, he paved the way for the interests of Graham, showing him about his "visible speech" system, and having him do projects regarding the field of sound.

2. The First Alexander (Graham's Grandfather) - At age thirteen , he sent for Graham to come live with him in London to better his education. As soon as he got there, Alexander immersed Graham in reading books and plays.

3.  Edward Bell - Graham's brother, whom he performed many experiments with and played with a lot, but died of tuberculosis, saving Grahams life however. This is because his death convinced him to move to Canada.

Unique Facts

1. Graham met Helen Keller.

2. When he was eight, he chose Graham as his middle name because he didn't want to be known as Alexander the Third.


1. Graham won the French Volta Prize for Scientific Achievement.

2. Graham helped invent a hydrofoil craft, which set a world marine speed record.

3.He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

4.He invented the telephone.

5.Graham invented the tetrahedral kite.

The theme of Graham's life was...

Graham constantly was following his dreams and ideas. He was always helping the deaf, and building whenever he could. I'd say the theme of his life would be to follow your own path in life, because anything is possible.

Graham's Words of Advice

"Don't get discourage now, if you but persevere success must come."

"Try dear to know them all - perhaps my absence will tend to bring you all together."

"You would be careful to put on your dressing gown and stockings and slippers at night when you take Elsie- you are careful of everyone's health instead of your own."

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