Explorer Proposal

By: Shrinidhi Nadgouda


To the Fine King of France, King Henry II,

Tis I, Your Highness, Shrinidhi Nadgouda of Belgium. I come with a proposal. I would like to go to North America in pursuit of what you need and want most and what I want and need most. You are looking for a shortcut to Asia and trade with the Huron Indians. I think what you should be looking for is ways to end hunger and poverty and  newer types of ships. Do you, the fine king, want to eat fine food, but see your subjects starving? Do you, Your Highness, want to sail on trips even faster than what you have now, so you can find that shortcut to Asia?

The reasons I want all these things are simple. If my people were starving but I was eating well, I would feel guilty. Wouldn't you? Before going on future journeys, don't you want to find ships that are faster and more efficient? Also, if my people were hungry, and we were running out of food, I’d want to find more food that there would be no shortage of.

But why North America, you may ask. Have you heard of Christopher Columbus? If not, does this face seem familiar?

I thought so. He sailed under the name of Spain. Apparently, he found riches in North America. We should go, too. A lot of other countries are going to America, such as England, Spain, and Portugal. They are looking for a western route to Asia and spices and fabric from India, China, and other Asian countries. If we don't go, we'll be left behind.

Now you may be asking when I will leave. I will be leaving to North America in search of  your goods and services and my goods and services on January 12, 1556 BCE.  I will need approximately 150 of your good men, women, and sailors to join me on this brave and courageous journey. I will need 3 weeks' worth of food and water. Also, I will need 4 of your warships and 4 of you sloops.

Now, suppose I get  conflict with either the other Europeans or the Native peoples. What I will do is try to make peace with them and/or promise a part of our reward in exchange for them to let us go in peace.

There will be obstacles. But I have ways I have prepared in advance for this journey. One of the problems I can guarantee is stormy seas. My solution is stronger hatches and sturdier sails. Another one might be Uncivilized Barbarians, Vikings, and Pirates. My solution is no shortage of weapons and stronger treasure chests.

Thank you for considering this proposal.

     Yours Sincerely,
                      Shrinidhi Nadgouda

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