Modern Warfare

The tank and the submarine were one of the best advancemnt in this new modern warfare. Tanks and subs gave a new way of transportation. Especial the submarine because now you could go under the water giving you're side a level of surprise. Tanks and subs were also very armored which meant you were safe while you transported. While you transported you were protected heavely thought the numerous weapons on board tanks and subs including machine guns and missiles.

Chemical warfare was a deadly and painful element that was added in the new era of weapons. This weapon was used often in small places killing people who inhaled the toxic weapon. Members of the military were now required to carry a gas mask as a part of there daily luggage.

Machine guns were also a great advancement in the war giving the military a rapid fire weapon that constantly shoots bullets with long rounds. This allows less reloading and more shooting not to mention how powerful it was.


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