Copyright Vocabulary Presentation

A copyright is the legal right to allow or deny someone to copy or use your product, video, website ect.

ex.  The people that make movies have the right to sue you if you copy their movie or even make a parody

Piracy is when you produce or upload a movie, song, video game ect. without the permission of the owner / maker

ex. Taking a video of a movie at the movie theater and uploading / sharing it

Hacking is accessing someone else's computer without their permission

ex. Simply doing things to their account when they forgot to sign out could be considered hacking.

Plagiarism is stealing someones work and turning it in as your own

ex. If you copy and paste on your presentation your plagiarizing

Fair Use is the right to copy someone elses property

ex. Vevo lets you make parodies of their music

Public Domain is when the rights are expired,  forfeited, or are inapplicable

ex. Classical music

Intellectual Property is basically what you would copyright

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