The Time I went Fishing

When I was six years old,
I went fishing for the first
time,And my dad told me
to put a worm on the hook,

I did not want to do that,
The worm looked at me,
Like it was going to eat me up,
Like a taco, it was very slippery,

And i did not want to touch it,
I ran away from my dad,
He was making me grab the worm,
I was shocked he put us on a boat,

And went to the middle of the pond,And made me grab it but i still did,I got too emotional
for them, and I put them in my

Pocket and they shriveled up,
And died in my pocket,
And every time my dad handed me one, I would cast the line out,

Have the worm in my pocket,
And when we got home we stunk Really bad, so me and my brother
had to sleep in a tent,

Outside in the yard, because my mom did not, Like the smell,
she said it smells,
Like were rolling around in fish on the boat.

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