What Were the effects of the Atomic Bomb in World War II?

Near the end of World War two there was a race to see what country would be able to make the first MOAB or Atomic bomb. U.S.A was the first country to be able to make one with the help of Canada's uranium. The U.S built two atomic bombs one for Nagasaki and one for Hiroshima, the bombs were named fat boy and little boy. Both these bombs had a massive death toll totalling up to 105 000 people and left 94 000 injured. The blast radius of these Atomic bombs reached out of a span of about 10 000 feet, most of the damage being dealt in the epicentre of the blast.   

As you can see from the video that was just shown these bombs are no joke and can decimate country's in just a click of a button. When these bombs dropped many people were unable to get the medical help they needed as nothing worked and many health care professionals were dead. Once these bombs were dropped their was no hope for the Japanese people, no one expected the bomb to be this crippling. In total 78% of the deaths were caused from burns and only about 60 people were killed by falling debris. No one has ever repeated this feat again and I hope it will stay that way!

After the Atomic bomb was first used many people now use the core of this bomb for a source of energy. The electricity generated from these plants is now powering over 15% of the world. The first Nuclear power plant was made 10 years after the first Atomic bomb was dropped and this was located in Russia. Though this nuclear energy is used for good it can still potentially harm people because of leaks in the factory's. Though this has been the new way to use the reactors energy it can still put a population in danger and can still give people keloids, cancer or the many other effects that I have just talked about.    

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