What Doctors do

doctors are the ones you go to when you aren't feeling great or need a physical. Doctors are a huge part of the world without them our health and average life expectancy would be extremely low.

Required skills

To be a doctor you must be able to communicate with patients well. You must a have a concern for people, ability to handle pressure, hard work, and patience. those are only a few of the characteristics required.

Educational Requirements

you must also have educational requirements like earning a bachelors degree, passing the MCAT, attending medical school, completing residency, and get a license to become a doctor. these skills are very important in being a doctor because without them you wouldn't know how to treat a patient.

Salary expectations

Doctors make from 156,000 a year for pediatricians to 315,000 a year for surgeons. beginning doctors make 77,000 to 96,000 a year.

Future Outlaw

in 2009 there was over 980,000 doctors in the u.s. As long as you keep a interest in being a doctor you could be there for a very long time. It isn't very hard to become a doctor, it just requires a lot of hard work at first.


Some people just like to help people and want to be a doctor, they just have a natural feeling for being able to help. Other people may have just gotten in for the money and ended up really liking the career so they just stuck with it.

Similar Careers

psychologists, nurse, and a dentist. there are plenty more.

Why i picked this career

If i don't become a basketball player in the NBA i will need a backup plan and doctors make a lot of money without the fame so i thought that would be perfect. Plus i think it would be fun to be like a family doctor, the type you go to get a physical, when you get sick. I think i would be a good fit for this career because i am very intelligent, hardworking, and caring.

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