See These Amazing Benefits Of Sandwich Panel Machine

Sandwich panel machine is frequently employed in industrial areas in a great number and sandwich panel machine can be divided into some categories in views of different uses such as common PU sandwich panel machine, garage door PU sandwich panel machine, continuous PU guard rail forming machine, EPS sandwich panel machine, roof sandwich panel machine and so on. From now, I would like to introduce some sandwich panel machines which are constantly used in daily manufacture and sandwich panel machine benefits.

The PU (also called polyurethane) sandwich panel machine is widely applied for steel structure workshop, steel villa, housing, supermarkets, air duct and public places. Panel from the sandwich panel production line is a composite structure consisting of two expressway guard rail roll forming machine and an insulating core, and the core can be flexible with polyurethane, mineral wool, glass wool or EPS. Various profiles can meet customer's requirements with pre-painted steel sheets, PVC sheets, aluminum paper or other similar supports. This is one of sandwich panel machine benefits.

The continuous PU sandwich panel machine is one kind of various PU panel machines. The continuous PU sandwich panel machines are arranged in line to quicken work efficiency. However, it has a large scale production capacity and allows a uniform distribution of the reactive mixture. The line is mainly composed of decoiers, hydraulic clipping machine, forming machine, H beam welding production line, PU foaming machine unit, mobile injector, pre-heating installation, hot-air circulator, chemical stopper, automatic cutting machine, steel platform and auto control etc.

As to the sandwich machine benefits, the EPS sandwich panel machine mainly consists of a rolling forming machine and a sandwich panel laminating system. Through EPS EPS sandwich panel line line, corrugated sandwich panel can be produced directly without the shortcoming that conventional corrugated sandwich panels have to be laminated manually after the forming of corrugate sheet. The EPS sandwich panel machine usually has beautiful appearance, low noise high efficiency, and it also can be applied for multiple functions such as simple corrugated sheet production and different model sandwich panels. In addition, the transmission of the laminating system is achieved by worm and worm gear which makes the laminating system speed smooth and steady.

The roof sandwich panel machine can produce different shapes of roof, wall sheets according the client's requirements. The complete EPS sandwich panel machine usually includes decoiler, mian controlling system, and the machines are equipped with computer controlling system. The products that machine produces has different colors, thickness, low weight and they can be used as the roof and walls of houses, gyms, airports, theatres, garages etc. Have you learnt these sandwich panel machine benefits yet? If you are in need of sandwich panel machine, you can visit for more information.