Final Project- End of the Line

The prompt for this was to create a final project that demonstrated what you had learned at Digital Harbor. This project was almost like the conclusion in an essay, I'm bringing together all I have learned to create the final piece. Anyway, we had to choose 3 skills we learned in this program. Although I enjoyed most of the people here, I did not like most of what we learned. This was one of the problems I faced in the project. I overcame this problem by, well, dealing with the fact that I was not going to have a whole lot of fun. So I first created a website about book reviews- an online book club. What I've learned is that books are really great- and they need to be shared. I did a book  club last year and it expanded my range of stories and ideas. Many kids do not have book clubs they can join. However, many have the internet. My book club can easily be accessed and nobody is excluded. The logo is made from Inkscape. The website is made using Wordpress.

3-D Printed Heart

The second part of my project was printing out the logo I made on Inkscape. I'm sorry that this is a very bad picture.


The skills I have learned in Digital Harbor will help me throughout middle and high school for sure. Even though I did not have the greatest time in this program and will probably not join again, I really do think the stuff I learned here will help me one day.