Akita is born by water.

Yajirobay tour #5 @Nikaho (にかほ)

Why is Akita famous for rice and sake?

One of the reasons is water. Akita has more than 350 rivers spreading over 3,200 km. It is almost the same distance of the entire Japanese island! In winter, there is a lot of snow and the mountains filter it at very slow speed to produce clean water. Local people in Akita have lived with this, and enjoyed tasty rice, sake, and more unique products!

Trekking tour to find out the origin of Akita.

Hiking tour to find out the origin of Akita. This time, we will go hiking on Mt. Chokai in Nikaho city. On the way, you may find (and get to harvest!) rare natural resources. Finally, you will find and be able to see Akita’s most beautiful waterfall called Mototaki(元滝).


27th of Sep. 2014

09:00 meet at AIU

10:30 arrive at START point @Nikaho city

12:00 Lunch time (Bento box)

14:00 arrive at Moto waterfall

15:00 leave the mountain

16:00 arrive at Onsen

17:00 leave Onsen

18:00 arrive at AIU


ONLY 10 seats we have!
Price: ¥3,500(including transportation, insurance, lunch)

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