sweet Farts!

I am reading Sweet Farts by: Raymond Bean. So far what has happened is Keith Emerson slips out of his chair one morning in class. The person who sits in front of him in class Anthony smells something weird and not normal. It is a fart!!!! Everyone thinks that it is Keith but it is not it is someone else in the class.


That night Keith has to think of a science fair project. He doesn't know what to do for it, Then he thinks what is I can make a type of thing that makes farts smell like roses, Daisies,and cotton candy.  In my opinion it is a really good book because it involves science and I like science.

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3 years ago

Great job with your summary, M. I have always wondered about that book. I bought it for my son and I don't think he ever read it. Did you think it was funny? What did you think about the characters? Was Keith a kid you would want to be friends with or not? Why? Remember to always give more than one opinion and support your opinion with what you've read in the book.