What the world is doing to stop Ebola

Written by Adam Taylor of The Washington Post

Summary of Story/Link

President Obama is due to announce on Tuesday that 3,000 troops will be sent to West Africa to help fight off Ebola. This will cost $750 million, in addition to the $175 million already spent. China will be expanding their medical staff in Sierra Leone. India is donating $500,000 the the World Health Organization, and Britain will be sending their own troops to Sierra Leone.

Ideals Related to This Stoy

Democracy and opportunity are linked to this story.

This article is about the U.S. and other governments deciding what to do about the Ebola outbreak, which is democracy. Also, if Ebola can be contained and die out, it will give many people, who could have possibly gotten the disease, the opportunity to get a job and work, instead of having to lie in a hospital bed.

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