1984 Reading Log
Liam Olsen

Part 1 Secrions 1 & 2

Summary: Winston Smith is a very average citizen in London, a city in Oceana under the control of a deity known as Bug Brother and his close associates.  He works in the Ministry of Truth, a very heavily guarded building where records are kept.  One day, Winston buys a diary and ink pen and starts to write in it, always wondering why he wants to write in them.  After a session of Two Minutes Hate, Winston feels enraged towards Big Brither and the "government" and starts to write hateful words about them in his diary, a crime at the time.  Eventually, he recognizes that by doing this thoughtcrime he is a dead man and as so, must try to resist being captured as long as possible.

Quote: “From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party: WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.” (Orwell 13)


Is Big Brother a real person?

What made Emmanuel Goldstein leave?

What is in "The Book"?

Learning Ststion #3

Oldspeak: The reporting of Big Brother's order for the day and the times of December 3rd, 1983 is extremely unsatisfactory and makes references to nonexistent persons. Re-write it in full and submit you draft to higher authority before filing.

Newspeak: Rep of Big Brother's dayorder of 12-3 is ungood and makes refs to unpersons. Speakwrite in full and upsub before filing.

Part 1 Sections 3-6

1984 does have many prophetic aspects in it, and we see many aspects of it after the book is written.  For example, the callous Big Brother can be seen as very similar to Hitler and his indelible conflagration known as the holocaust.  Both figures are inveterate and are surely remembered for their horrible acts.  Also, they are both not indulgent and are known to only act upon their personal needs. Whether Big Brother is actually a person or just a figurehead, he shares some remarkably similar similarities with Adolf Hiltler, which means Orwell might have based the character of Big Brother off of Adolf Hitler.

Section 1 7-8

Why does the Party hold the lottery?

Why haven't the Proles uprisen before?

Is Julia a spy?

Section 2 Part 9-10

Winston and Julia have a very complex relationship.  They start off awkwardly around each other, almost stalking one another.  However, Winston later realizes that she might actually be a spy who wants to murder him.  later, she passes on a note to Winston saying that she loves him, and he starts to fall in love with her as well. They both are against the party, which draws them very close together and almost speeds up their relationship.  Winston later reminisces to Julia,“I wanted to rape you and then murder you afterwards. Two weeks ago I thought seriously of smashing your head in with a cobblestone”(Orwell 133).  Julia typically would not be in love with a man much older like Winston, but because they are two rebels against Big Brother, they feel safe with one another which they think is love.

Big B rother Poster

I chose to design the poster the way I did in order to associate the idea of freedom with the evils of slavery even though they are completely contradictory ideas.  Chained hands serve as reminders for what happens when one experiences freedom, both scaring and advising the reader to do the "right thing" in not experiencing freedom. By adding the ingsoc logo in the middle I also push ingsoc upon the people and show that they are in the middle of this and is looking out for the common man in London.

Doublespeak Article

The article regarding doublespeak made some interesting points about the people who use it.  Apparently, a lot of people in the Government use it as well as many people in the education system.  In order to keep some of the less sensitive acts of military warfare to seem less crewel, the military has used specialized lingo in order for people to more widely accept what they do.  The education system also does something similar when talking about kids with "special needs". In order to not offend th children or th families, they call th kids special which makes their disadvantages seem less crippling and makes the children feel more close to th the kids without these problems.  overall, the use of doublespeak is very relevant today in ththe world around us and people use it to their advantage in order to mask what is really going on.

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