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The Importance of Mentors

Much like Josh Groban, they raise you up.

From time to time, I have had people ask me what is the best piece of advice I can offer newbies just stretching their wings in the industry. Invariably, my response is find a mentor. Read more

Happiness Brewery

What does a memory smell like?

The idea is to synthetise past emotions into bottles, mixing alchemy, love and design. Good moments and bad moments as well, we can give it back to you. Read more

50 People, 1 Question

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I spent the last two years living in Greenville, SC. The only thing lovelier than the city itself are the people who live there. Having been a fan of "50 People, 1 Question" for quite some time, it was a delight to see the camera turned on some of the great people I shared my adopted hometown with. Click above to watch the video.

8 Lessons for Innovation and Success from Chef Mario Batali

"It wasn't ever our manifest destiny to create 20 restaurants; it was more that after two years at Babbo, one of the great chefs, who was a sous chef at that time, Mark Ladner, needed somewhere to go, and if we didn't do something with him, he would go work with Danny Meyer, which is not a bad place to go, but why take all of that talent and just let it slip away? So we opened Lupa. We created a place for him to go because we didn't want to lose his talent." Read more

Mama Hope Campaign

Change the perception.

This video still makes me smile and tear up every time I watch it. Why? Because it's vulnerable, powerful, smart and leads with hope. Click above to watch the video or click here to learn more about Mama Hope.

Abi-Haus Identity

Long live Abilene, indeed.

Confession: I grew up in Abilene, Texas. It's a city that is more than a little dear to me. When I came across the identity for Abi-Haus, one of Abilene's newest restaurants, on Design Work Life, it caught my eye and captured my heart. The identity perfectly captures the city as I know and love it: honest, strong and good. Self-defining as "Cool vibes, good service and pleasant people," you can bet Abi-Haus will be on my must-visit list the next time I'm in town. Take a peek at the full branding here.

Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

Suppose you want to design the best company on earth to work for. What would it be like? For three years we’ve been investigating this question by asking hundreds of executives in surveys and in seminars all over the world to describe their ideal organization.

Many of their answers were highly specific, of course. But underlying the differences of circumstance, industry, and individual ambition we found six common imperatives. Together they describe an organization that operates at its fullest potential by allowing people to do their best work.

We call this “the organization of your dreams.” In a nutshell, it’s a company where individual differences are nurtured; information is not suppressed or spun; the company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them; the organization stands for something meaningful; the work itself is intrinsically rewarding; and there are no stupid rules. Read more

How to Dance to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

If Daft Punk's new song doesn't move you, check for a pulse.

Upon watching the above video I instantly realized the full magnitude of what I just barely missed by not being born until 1981. And "what I missed" was "pure and utter awesome."

Augustin Burroughs On the Creative Advantages of Limits

Limits are actually opportunities. Which I know sounds like something printed on a poster in a Human Resources office, but the truth about not having everything you need, not being fully equipped, qualified, or allowed is that these limits are the nebula of creative genius.

Limits force you to make the best of things. And “making the best” of something is a creative act.

It requires a measure of innovation to accomplish something when there are limits blocking the way: a lack of skill, a lack of knowledge, a lack of funds, a limited set of tools. To circumvent the limits, you must create a novel solution or find an alternate route.

Limits force improvisation. Improvisation creates new things. Read more

Rosemary Lemonade

If you're in the mood to slaughter a herd of lemons (or simply need something to do with all your summer rosemary), try your hand at this lovely (albeit slightly more laborious than dumping a can of concentrate) homemade lemonade recipe.  Click here for recipe.

Ten Secrets of Innovative Offices

Keith Sawyer got his PhD studying under Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi — the researcher who studied top creative teams and how brainstorming is broken. What did he find when he studied creative companies? Read more

New Parking Apps Make Finding a Parking Spot Painless

Drivers seeking parking spaces cause 30% of urban traffic and add to the release of undesirable carbons. Increased public transportation and ride sharing can free up spaces, but they don’t resolve these issues entirely. So, to further reduce drivers' stress and ease environmental impact, new apps have arrived to help people find places to park. Read more

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