Hero's Journey

Wreck it Ralph

Joseph Cambel,an American scholar, identified the twelve stages of a Heroes Journey.I will show them to you by presenting a hero Ralph from the movie Wreck it Ralph.  

Step 1:The ordinary world

Ralph living in the environment of a trashy area portrays that he in not welcomed and is known as a "bad guy" compared to the Hero of the game, Fix It Felix Jr.

Step 2:the call to adventure

Ralph was upset the he was the only one at the bottom of the cake stuck in mud.He  was really disappointed and felt that he was a hero.Gene displays anger when he states" you will never be a hero!" This provokes Ralph to get a medal.

step 3:Refusal to the call

The bar tender tries to convince Ralph to not go Turbo,in other words to override another game.He tells him to go look for any lost medal in the lost in the lost and found which carries him to the next stage.

step 4:meeting the mentor

He uses an armor form a guy named Markowski,he tells Ralph that in the game Heroes Duty you can will a medal.This instigates Ralph to leave.

Step 5:crossing the threshold

Ralph commits to leaving from his game,Fix It Felix Jr. entering a new game Hero's Duty determined to win a gold medal.Unfortunately he does not know the mess he has gotten himself into.

Step 6:tests,allies.and enemies

Ralph established a relationship between   him and Vanellope. Through out the movie the they an unexplainable relationship.Like every relationship we have ups and downs but we learn to overcome it.

Step 7:Approach

Ralph helps Vanellope advance her goal by building a race car so that she can participate in the race.By winning the race he will get his medal back that she took.

step 8: The ordeal

King Candy claims to Ralph that if Vanellope participates in the race the gamer in the arcade will see Vanellope glitch and think the game is broken and the game will be shut down.This makes Ralph destroy the car and breaks Vanellope's heart.

Step 9:the reward

King Candy gives Ralph back his medal.Knowing that Ralph would tell Vanellope that she cannot race.

step 10:The road back

After the zybogs are destroying Sugar Rush, Ralph tries to get Vanellope out of the game like everyone else.But Sadly, she is a glitch meaning that she cannot leave the game and will die in there.

step 11:The Ressurection

Ralph sacrifices his life trying to save Sugar Rush, the game, in which Vanellope is in.He does this because Vanellope is a glitch and cannot leave the game like everyone else.

step 12:Return with the Elixir

Ralph saves Sugar Rush but now knowing he has to leave,him and Vanellope created a bond that is unbreakable.When leaving he obtains his medal.Back at his game Fix It Felix, he has accepted who he is and he is not a "bad guy".The citizens  there have accepted him.When he is thrown over the building he sees Vanellope racing and he thinks that is the best part of the game.  

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