Moon Importance

Adam Theis
8th hour

The moon is very straightforward but we demand on it very highly. Without it we would not have moon phases, eclipses, or tides. We would also not have any light in the dark nights. Would not be fun if you live very north or south where they get only a few hours of day each night! This tackk will include information over moon phases, eclipses, and finally tides.

Moon phases

The moon has phases because it rotates at the same speed it revolves. These phases are light bounces off of the moon and we see that as a white part of the moon. This is super important so that we can see at night. in third sold countries where they don't have lights at night they need the moon to survive. Without it they could not see at night.


Tides are scary! You can get washed out to sea if you aren't careful. Tides are causes by the moon and suns gravitational pull. If they are aligned then it is a spring tide and if  they aren't it is a neap tide. This is helpful for fishermen so they can catch wish at the best times and not at the worst times.


First off eclipses  look beautiful. Eclipses can happen if either the sun gets blocked by the moon or the moon gets blocked by earth. If the sun gets blocked it is called a solar eclipse and of the moon is blocked it is called a lunar eclipse. This benefits us because without It we would be less interested in space and learning a out what's out there. We would not know much at all without it.

Final Thoughts

Our moon is vital for our people. The moon has phases which interests us in space. The moon creates tides by pulling earths water towards it. We have interesting, beautiful eclipses because of the moon. The moon could eventually be a habitat for us or other species. And most importantly it gives us light during the cold eights.

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