The Mega Educational Project

by Cameron Taylor

The Curios Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time


The irony in the story is… when Ed was lying to Christopher about him killing Wellington and about his mom dying because he was always trying to get the truth out of him. I personally find it ironic also that Christopher only trusted very few people and he went out on his giant journey to find his mother with the odd help from strangers.


Within the plot line it shows that Christopher is left feeling loneliness most of the time but he never was truly alone because he always had some one watching out for him like his father and Siobhan.  In the plot there were sometimes were he showed his loneliness because he always said he felt it as he was running away.


The context of the story is when somebody knocks you down by doing something to somebody/thing you love you will just try to figure it out your self, Christopher found out his father had murdered Wellington and his mother leaving him.  In both cases he tried to discovery the motive why and eventually did find in the hardest way possible.

Sub Plot

Hidden behind the story of Wellingtons murder there is a second store line which involves Christopher's mother dying of a heart attack but Christopher's Father had lied to him about her death and she was really just living in london.

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