Create, play and share games to support teaching and learning

What is Zondle?

Zondle is a games-based learning app that supports revision/review for school tests and exams. Students of all ages can play any topic in any game, to support exactly their learning needs.

The Zondle app enhances the main zondle.com website by enabling learners to play zondle games on their iPad.  Teachers can create topics on the main zondle website and then learners can engage in formative assessments that are both fun and enhance learning.

Zondle is a great formative assessment!

Setting up an assessment is quick and easy.  Zondle allows teachers to assess exactly what they want to assess and then view results for individual students or for whole classes.  Through these results, teachers can see exactly what your students know and where they need additional support.  Results are automatically calculated, and can be exported to Excel.

The best part…students actually enjoy being assessed!!!

How can I use Zondle in my classroom?

1.  Choose or create questions that you want to assess.  Set those questions to your class page.  Your students answer the questions in a "quick quiz" format.  You review how they've done (their % score, their progress over time, their weakest questions, etc.).

2.  Another was this can be used in your class is to have your students create higher level thinking questions from their notes.  The questions can be loaded to your classroom page.  Then, have students play and practice each other's questions in games of their choosing.  Later, collate the best questions into a single class topic and use it as a formative assessment.