Give France A Chance
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There are many of filthy trenches to choose from.
So many mice have all ready packed, so come join us all with the French in the trenches. There are many plenty of hosts waiting for your arrival. They provide so many places to relax. It is a great experience for the whole family. France is known for having the most trenches. Also, there is enough room for you to lay your eggs in the clothing of the soldiers, and you are welcomed to stay as long as you want. Now is the best time to come because most of the hosts are suffering from fevers.

The Trench rats produce 880 in a year so the trenches are filled with rats.
Are diseases that we bring helps get the humans sick and eventually die so there is plenty of food to come around. The rats here are also extremely large almost as big as cats! we would love you to come join in the festivities.

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