Mobile Apps for Education

Focus on Secondary Education


StudyBlue is a mobile app that allows you to create flashcards for your mobile device. This is extremely handy to the student that is on the go. Not only do they always have their flashcards with them, they don't have to worry about the extra bulk and weight of carrying them around.

City Guides by National Geographic

As a Social Studies teacher I think it is extremely important for students to have an app that will allow them to search up different cities when they are being discussed in class. City Guides by Natural Geographic will help me teach by allowing students to see more information about the place being talked about. If the are seeing the information they can relate it more. The app provides maps, pictures, distance from where the student currently is and facts about the culture of the city.


We have learnt about Edmodo in class and the benefits it can have with connecting students and teachers. With Edmodo teachers use a social media site that they can share information with their students and other educators around the world. This allows for a more open line of communication and a place where the students can see what their teachers are wanting from them. As an educator this also allows for us to see how other teachers in our same profession are teaching simalar things.

Pass the Past

Pass the Past is a app for a tablet or apple device that allows students to work together to try and answer history questions. This is good because it allows for a fun environment of learning where the students need to work together to find out the answer. This is perfect for students age 5- 9. Right now their is only US history but this could be used well when we are learning about that. This could be a good break from using the textbook and allowing the students to have a more interactive class.

The Grading Game

The Grading Game can be used to help students in junior high to learn about how to use proper grammar. We all had to do it in school; the teacher would give you a sheet of paper and you had to find the grammar mistakes. This is taking it into the technological stage. With this app, it will teach kids the same lessons but in a new way. This shows the students how much they know about grammar and what they can improve on.

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