Characterization: Clarisse

Free Spirited Citizen

Indirectly: outgoing

Clarisse McClellan is a very free spirited and an outgoing person. She loves walking in the rain, and she doesn't really care about what anyone says. She is always questioning society and she always thinks outside of the box. she seems like the kind of person that doesnt have to plan ahead and doesn't need to be very organized. she seems more like the type of person that will "plan it by year" and will be happy no matter what she does.


In the novel she told us that she is seventeen and crazy. She told us that her uncle says that when someone asks your age, to always say your seventeen and insane. They might say this about her because of the typical stereo type teenager, or it could be because she does not think the same as everyone else. she kind of questions why books are banned and why society is the way it is.

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