Rwandan Genocide
                By: Ruth and Nya, Garrett

History: The Rwandan Genocide took place in the country of Rwanda, Africa in 1994. It's believed that the cause of the Genocide was sparked by,  the death of the Hutu president Habyarimana. Hutu Extremest used the presidents death as an excuse to increase their hatred for the Tutsi and start getting rid of them. First the extremest started killing children and women and then they moved on to men. The Genocide started around April in 1994; it was a 100 day period where lots of Hutu and Tutsi died. It approximately ended around mid to late July.


The classification was between the Hutu and Tutsi; the Hutu's considered themselves to be Superior than the Tutsi's.


There wasn't much difference in appearance between the Hutu's and Tutsi but they would determine whether one was Tutsi if or Hutu by how big their noses were and also by their eye shape.


The Tutsi were considered pests and non human kind; they were called cockroaches by the Hutu.


Rwandan government (Hutu) allowed Hutu militant groups and civilians to kill Tutsi.

Interahamwe included men young Hutu men that supported the “Hutu power” Ideology.

interahamwe had shipments of weapons distributed to Hutus

civilians came together and rounded up Tutsi to be killed .


There was no middle or neutral there was just for it or against it. Even the ones that were thought of being Tutsi were killed in their homes or in road blocks all over Rwanda.


victims were given identity cards by the government so they would know who is a tutsis


Hutu were given machetes, clubs, and other weapons to get rid of the Tutsi. Over the course of the 100 day genocide, millions of lives were lost (Tutsi and Hutu).

Venn Diagram

How Could it have been Prevented?

Countries that were aware of what was happening in Rwanda could have tried to send in troops from there countries instead of sitting back and just letting it happen.

Our Thought Process?

The group's thought process in making this presentation was to have a presentation  that had all of the information that our audience needed to know but that was short and also that included visual aids.  We were also aiming the campaign to the government audience, because we felt that a genocide should be prevented by the government because the government has enough power to be able to control that type of situation. Also We decided to make a poster because posters can be put up anywhere publicly. We also felt that a poster would draw much more attention than a video because a poster requires the person reading it to analyze the message that the poster might be setting.

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