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With just one look at the Cosmopolitan magazine online website you already get a strong idea on to what the magazine/website is about.

The Cosmopolitan is an international magazine for women. It was first published in 1886 as a family magazine but was later changed into a literary magazine however it eventually became a womens magazine in the late 1960s. Its contents include articles on women issues, relationships, health, sex, careers, self-improvement, celebrates, fashion and beauty. Cosmopolitan is printed in 35 different languages and is distributed in more than 110 countries.

The tone is happy, bubbly and completely centred around pop culture, fashion and gossip. The main colours are pink and white and this gives off a playful happy feel. The headings of the featured articles already show that this website is quite laid back and fuelled by gossip.

The style is very simple, clean and to the point as well as it uses a spesific colour scheme. It is very current and reports on things happening in the present.

The language used is laid back so its not too formal however there isn't any 'text speak' or slang, it is just perfectly suitable for the target audience.

The layout is simple, they use a white background with a single banner across the top. The banner shows the usual logo across a picture of a selection of sweets which glows pink and purple. The colours and pictures shown already tell us that this magazine is specifically for females. It shows five stories featured under the banner and one must read article which is sufficiently larger to draw attention. Also as you scroll down the page it shows all the recent stories and when they were uploaded to keep viewers up to date.

The content is specifically aimed at women so they include topics such as fashion, beauty, body, love and sex which appeal to their target audience. They include pictures on each article to show

Overall i think that the Cosmopolitan website is very effective, the style and overall look is suitable for its purpose and appeals perfectly to their target audience.

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