Good's for sale

---------------------------Are You Ready For Freddy,Eddy,And Teddy--------------------------

-----------------------------------------Tobacco For Sale---------------------------------------    Tobacco is here to be sold. Here we sell the finest and most divine tobacco in all of Mississippi!We grow in only the fines soil and and we grow it with only the finest seeds. It is sold here at Freddy,Eddy,and Teddy's for only 1.00 dollar a pound!                   

----------------------------------------------Wheat For Sell-----------------------------------------  Wheat is made to be grown, and Then be sold!Here we make the most bold flavoring in our divine wheat. Made in the most fragrant soil of South Mississippi! By the team Freddy,Eddy,and Teddy.  

--------------------------------------------Indigo For Sale-------------------------------------------

We only sell the finest purple products in the world. Our indigo was picked from the finest indigo farms. 100% of people have enjoyed buying our indigo. You will be amazed by how beautiful our indigo is. So come buy some indigo from the finest shop in the world. Come see Freddy, Eddy, and Teddy for a discount on anything in the shop.

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