Super Size me categorises     oversized America

Are all Americans fat? An estimated 160 million are overweight or obese did you know that. The movie Super size Me is depicted as an obese society and just how Americans live, how bad fast food is and how it directly relates to a major percentage of America. I think that it was targeted at Americans because they are the fattest country in the world and not only where they trying to show that, they also showed how bad fast food is and linked it to the number of overweight people in America. In the movie we are able to see just how bad fast food can be for you even though people may not eat it 3 times a day it shows the fast effect of fast food. This movie also shows that many young people and older people know songs that are related to fast food joints compared to their own national anthem. Meaning that they care more about food then their own country and seems like health also. This movie puts America directly under the spot light. Fast food joints also direct there commercials to younger children because they are too young to understand the side effects of eating bad and how it can affect your health. Fast food joints don’t care about anyone they just want business and that is acceptable but there surely should be a limit to how far they can take it.

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