Nanotechnology is a vast and untapped word filled with new adventures and new dangers it is a amazing thing nanotechnology. nanotechnology can be used for military, food,and especially health care.

Nano health

nanotechnology is a amazing and helpful thing it is being used to cure caners now but is still being improved upon. now for medical reasons nanotechnology is amazing why do surgery when you can have microscopic robots do it for you. They can be used for injecting cures with out needles. but you will have to live with tiny robots inside of you.   

Nano military

Nanotechnology can be used for military such as sending an army of microscopic robots on your enemy's but this can cause a problem with starting a microscopic warfare that could kill thousands. Nanotechnology can also be used in armor or advanced weapons. This can help with the injured soldiers to instantly heal them.      

Nano food

Nanotech can help improve our food by manly putting proteins and nutrients in our food on a microscopic level and more in the future  

Pros and Cons

Now Nanotechnology is amazing and could help a lot it could destroy us which is why we should be careful. Nanotech can help us by making our food healthier, but someone could make the bots release poison in the food. We could use nanotech to help us rid our enemy's, but it could start a microscopic warfare like none other.   

Nanotech can help us in so many ways but can also destroy us is up to us to decide weather we are ready to control this power.

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