Animator/ Graphic Designer

Have you ever wondered how people make those animated movies and online animations? Well with Animation and Graphic Design you get to do all that and more. You may think animation is the hard to do and complicated animation you see in movies yet its not. You can have any range of animations from 2-D to 3-D and for YouTube, job or movies. And its never to late to start, just start drawing!

Job Qualifications :

This Job requires you to be able to draw, have a Bachelors Degree, or an Associates degree in animation or graphic arts. Basic skill in 2-D and 3-D Animation programs such as Cinema 4D, Blender, Photoshop, Adobe After Affects, and Adobe Flash wouldn't hurt either . The best part of animation is that there are so many different programs used for different animation levels that you can start anytime. So with a little practice you could become an graphic artist or animator.


The responsibilities to this job are that you once you make a commitment you don't back down on that project or idea. Go from start to finish and do it well!

Reports to:

This job reports to the Person or companies you submit your project to. Once you have a project it may be hard to find someone to submit your projects to, yet some are famous for there works on movies like Bambi, Frozen, Big Hero 6, How To Train Your Dragon, and many more. Big animation studios like Pixar, and Dreamworks sometimes have jo b openings that you may like.

Job purpose:

This Job's purpose is entertain and express your feelings to the community your submitting your work to. Animation can be for fun, for entertainment and for a job.