"Live life to its fullest."

by Nicholas Mazziotta

Freedom And Adventure

I believe in the way you should express yourself,

the little things in life,

the things that make you happy,

the memory’s of your life,

the adventures of life,

freedom, happiness, love,

But I don’t believe that money buys that happiness.

I believe in taking risks,

I believe in living life to its fullest,

I believe in putting others before your self respect ,loyalty , honesty,

And I believe in you only live once make the best out of it leave a good impression.

Nicholas's Credo

My quote is to live life to its fullest. just something threw my life I've thought about and have been living my life by and so far its helped me threw a lot and taught me to enjoy life for what it is and to not worry about all the bad things and let the good thing shine threw.Because one day your gonna look back on every thing, and you want to be able to say that you did everything possible and enjoyed every bit of it.

This belief is important to me because i think that living life to its fullest is a good thing to believe in because if you live life to its fullest than your not missing out on anything you enjoyed everything you did and have no regrets.

Well i think that there will be a chance i change my credo but for the most part i think it will remain the same. because i don't care what age you are living life to the fullest is a good thing to live by.maybe when i get older my credo will change a little because I'm might have a different point of view on life when I'm older, but for now i plan on keeping this credo.

I think i would encourage other people to follow my credo because my credo could help a lot of people get threw hard times and to see the silver lining in every situation. so i think everyone should follow my credo for a good and fun life.

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