Parts of a River, By Dalicia Cruz-Santos

The picture above shows some of the parts we are going to be learning about.

A watershed is a high source to low source, to a river or ocean.

A source is where the river begins which is usually the mountain.

The mouth is where the water goes into the Ocean. It is formed from sediments.A delta is the land that forms around the mouth.

A great basin is a watershed that doesn't flow into an Ocean.

A river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake.

A head water is a tributary stream of a river close to forming part of its source. I couldn't find a specific good picture to show head waters.

The relatively flat land adjacent to a river channel that is underwater when the water floods.

Separating large rivers. There where no specific picture so i chose this one.

Toward or situated at a point nearer the mouth of the river.

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