Main Places And Characters in the story.

Mrs.Flowers and Marguerite were the main characters in this story because, Marguerite is the author in the story and it is mostly explaining what mrs.Flowers made her feel like compared to others. The main setting in this story is at the Johnson general store and at mrs.Flowers house when she was helping Marguerite with her reading skills.


Some important events where when Marguerite was going through some hard times with people judging her at the grocery store she worked at. Also when Mrs.Flowers had helped Marguerite learn how to read better, because that makes Marguerite feel as if someone finally likes her.


The central idea is to never feel insecure about yourself and dont let others get you down. In Marguerite life she goes through a lot of haters and people who dont like her, but in the end it turns out someone does actually consider her as a good friend.

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