Tiger Population from 1970 to now

By: Corin Riddle

In 1900, the tiger population was at a big 100,000! Since 1970, the population has dropped by 60,000 tigers!!!! And, now, the tiger population is 3,200!! So since 1900, 96,800 tigers have either been killed, or have died from natural causes.  And since 1970 alone, 56,800 tigers have died from the same reasons. Humans are the number one threat to tigers. Illeagal poaching is also a major threat to the tiger. About 1,000 tigers have been hunted and killed in the last decade! Unfourtanetely, there are as many as 6 methods for hunting tigers. Baiting, Bird Lime, Hunquah, Impalement, Horse/Camel Back, and Hunting Dogs. Only six subspecies of tigers remain, compared to 9 subspecies in 1970.  The Caspian, Javan, and Bali tigers have all already become extinct, and now, ALL tigers are endangered. Tigers can live up to 26 years old, but many are dying or being killed as early as 7-8 years old!     

The overall percent of change is from wild tigers in 40,000 to 3,200 is 920%.      

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