Black Labs

By: Clara Claussen

Do you like dogs that are goofy, playful  and sweet? Well then a Black Lab is a dog for you! If you love goofy dogs, read more of my Tackk to find out more.

This little cutey is a Black Lab puppy


In this Tackk I will be telling you care, tricks, responsibility and some fun facts for fun. And if you are looking for a dog like a Black Lab there are also Yellow Labs, Chocolate Labs, and You mite even see a Silver Lab too. If you like dogs , read on to find out more.


In this paragraph I will be telling you about how to care for a black lab. Taking care of a black Lab is hard. First of all, you need to take them for lots of walks and play with them a lot. Second, you should also buy them food, toys, food/water bowls, beds and much more. And third if there in a kennel all day or not much room to run around, I would try to take them to a dog park every day.    


In this paragraph I will tell you about tricks. Some tricks are simple like sit and down to teach but some can be harder like shake and rollover.  To teach shake and rollover, say shake and take there hand and give them a treat until they learn it. Do that with roll over to teach that. But make sure that as a puppy you tech them sit and maybe even down so they can learn when they learn a new trick they can get treats. And make sure they have lots of time to play, cause they sure do love do play.   


This paragraph is about responsibility, and a Black Lab needs lots of it. You need to keep the house clean, make sure they have food and water, take them on walks, let them out and so much more. And if there an outside dog, make sure they have water, shelter take them on walks and more. And if there an outside dog or a inside dog, you should always love then.

Fun Facts

This paragraph is about fun facts. Some fun facts for Black Labs are  1.Lab stands for Labrador.  2.They have 2 coats of fur. And 3.They come in different colors.


I hope from my tackk, you have learned a lot about Black Labs. Know you know about responsibility, care, tricks and some fun facts. I hope and so dose Black Labs, that you will adopted one or maybe even 2.


1. Responsibility - To take care of some thing

2. Kennel - a cage

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