Japan Politics/economy/society

How did isolation affected the economy in Edo Japan?

Isolation made Japans economy a lot different them most countries. They were not allowed to trade outside of Japan. Almost all of their income was from rice. Japan's economy was very wealthy because of being isolated.  being isolated the farners increased production by irrigating and growing two crops on the same peace of land. Road improvements helped out trading around Japan.

How did isolation affect politicial situation in Edo Japan?

Isolation probably affected politics quite a bit. Japan probably didn't know the difference between a good leader and a bad leader. I think they wouldn't know because they don't get to see other countries leaders. it probably affected how their leaders acted because they didn't get to see the typical leader in another country. I think it probably affected they leaders good because the people didn't know what a good leader was, but it would affect the people bad because they didn't know if they had a good leader.

How did isolation affect the social structure in edo japan?

Isolation probably affected the social structure a little bit. Japan probally didn't know what other countries social structures were so they didn't care. But the thing is, is that their social structure was quite similar to lots of countries. the only thing different is that Japan sometimes had to leaders, and the emperor was just for show. I think if Japan wasn't isolated then their country would have had a similar, but different social structure.

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