At the end of this lesson, students who prepare for KPSS exam will have learnt the grammar-translation method.


Teachers generally take the parts of a method they like and create their own style. Teachers can benefit from studying the various methods to get new ideas or to understand the perspectives of some textbooks. The methods willl be described in the following way

1. Background- names and dates

2. View of language

3. The role of teacher and the learner

4. Activities and materials used


The focus of instruction is on reading rather than speaking. The porpuse of learning a second language is to be able to understand literature in that language and as a mantel exercise. Communicative competence is not a goal in this method. the grammar-translation method looks at language learning as an academic subject.

The Role of Teacher and Learner

Activities and Materials

         Reading is an important goal in the grammar-translation method. owever students were usually given lists of sentences. longer text were thougt to be too difficult for students. it was not important that the sentences make logical sense.

     Students would then translate the sentences into the target language, paying attention to closely follow grammar rules. Vocabulary and grammar rules were given according to the sentences being translated. All communaciation between the teacher and students was done in the native language of classroom. The target language was rarely ,if ever, spoken.

An example of  grammar-translation

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