India's Water By:Avery Tucker & Brady Coffey


Dead fish in India due to water pollution


The water in India is unsafe to swim in or drink from due to sewage release in the oceans.

In 2006 India was the third in the world for water pollution.In 2013 they weren't ranked top ten but there water pollution is still bad, and they still have water pollution although it is getting better they could still use some freshwater to drink and bathe in. That would cut down on  the diseases in India  

if you donate it will save a lot of lives. One women lost her child to polluted water don't let that happen again. They will appreciate every donation

China's air pollution

china's air pollution has gotten so bad that china's population had to wear gas mask to save there live that is were matters are difficult if people cant afford gas mask they are risking there life going out side and they are risking there life staying in side because there vitamin D is lowering and that can make people get harmed and the smog can also harm your vitamin D because it is blocking  the sunlight from hitting the ground and that can harm all of there crops that some people may rely on for food. That could be important for human life.