Nat King Cole

By:Annabelle McAdams

Nat King Cole was a famous Alabamian. He was born in Montgomery,Alabama and loved jazz music. He was very famous for his music and he started to love music as a child.

He was born on the date of March 17,1919. He learned how to play the piano when he was at the age of 4. His mother helped him play the piano. People say he started playing religious music before jazz. He dropped out of school around the age of 15 to become a full time jazz pianist.

In 1956,he became the the first African-American performer to host a T.V series! The name of it was "THE NAT KING COLE SHOW!". It only lasted a year because it was the lack of advertisement. Nat had lots of songs he made like "Mona Lisa","Too Young" and other songs too. He also won some awards, like a Stardon the Walk Of Fame and a very special award at the Golden Globes. Nat King Cole played the piano and the organ.

Nat was a fantastic singer! He was a kind man and he loved what he did. Nat King Cole died on Febuary 15,1965 in Santa Monica,Calafornia. The reason he died was because of lung cancer at the age of 45. Nat had a fantastic life and he was a sweet man too!