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Disappointed, Aidan walked into his room. He had just been banned from his favorite game, Starcraft 2, for half a year. And just when he had started to get good at it. "Oh well," he thought as he went to bed.

Aidan raced past down the field. In this race of him and his brother he was going to win! But then it happened... he tripped and fell but something happened in the landing. His shoulders pushed together freakishly. Groaning and wishing he hadn't joined that race he realized he probably broke something... Wait! Yeah he definitely broke something.

Halo had always been something of interest to Aidan. To think that he had been beating game after game through the last few days. But finally in Halo 3, the hardest in the series-so far- he was losing to the ravenous flood when finally he died. So dissapointing. So close. Oh well, better start again.

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