Proud to Be

1.) what do you see?

I see sons,daughters,moms,dads & native Americans. I see different type & tribe of Native Americans.

2.) what are some of the words used to describe the people in the video?

They used poswerdul words, big words!

3.) What message is this video trying to convey?

Well Native Americans call themselves a lot of things & there's a football team that is called "red skin" and that's racist and the native Americans don't like it, so they are trying to get ride of the team.

4.) how do you feel about the message?

I feel like it's really racist to make a football team called "red skin"  I mean if I was Native American I'll get offended too! Its like making a foot team called "white skin" and I bet the white people will get offended too.

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3 years ago

Well done! I like that you referred to the words as "powerful"-- I think you are totally right!