One for the Murphys

One out of five important time was when Carley goes to her foster care for the first time. When she first gets there Carley thinks that she will be a "modern-day Cinderella." Anyone who gets put in foster care will feel embarrassed and sad about not having their own mother.

Another important event is when she starts to like Micheal Eric and Adam because if she likes the people at the foster home she'll start liking the foster home better. They become closer and closer everyday, between playing super heroes and babysitting.

The third important event is when her mom came in complaining about how she was bouncing the ball in the house until her mom fell. After she fell Carley's step dad came in when she decided that she would keep insulting him so he would hit her to make them split since he was a abusive step-dad. Carley says shes "been beaten and abandoned."

When a police officer  comes to the Murphy's door asking about her step father Dennis realizes he was trying to kill her and her mother. The police officer said that the prosecutor was looking at two counts of attempted murder. Dennis claim that Carley's mother helped in the beating, so the prosecutor is charging her too. He said "she held her down while kicked and her abdomen, chest, and back." Mrs. Murphy defends Carley when she doesn't want to answer a question which makes her get closer.

Carley meets a girl "Toni" who is mean to her at first but become good friends later on. Daniel tells that Ms. Murphy wasn't her real mom which causes them to get in a fight.  They eventually get back together tho.

The last event Carley's mom gets better and goes to rehab. At the end of the book she sees her mom again but that's all i can say without giving anything away!

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