A career as an RN (registered nurse)
Dacia Madson
Career Goal: REgistered nurse

Career Over View:

As a registered nurse they are interested into safety and first aid. They know much about the health education and use computer technology every day to report patients and what happened. They give injections, carry medicine treatments, and draw blood. As an RN they are responsible to make sure patients are on time and they can work at a semi fast pace to get things done in a timely manor. RN's have a uniform they wear which are normally called "scrubs." RN's know simple math and some sciences such as multiplying dividing adding subtracting and sciences such as how a medicine works and the time that it will take to recover. RN's will always have a job because it is going to be a demand!

Career skills and Interest:

As a Rn it is important to have well tamed people persons skills. Normal math and science smarts. As an RN it is very important to have patients which every kind of person for instant to stay calm if a patient is having a difficult time understanding what is going on or an angry patient. You should have a intrest level of working with many different kinds of people.

Work conditions:

RN's wear a uniform, consisting of non slip shoes, an scrubs. It is fun for nurses to wear scrubs that have some type of designed scrubs to make kids feel a little more safe and feel like everything will be okay. It gives kids something to look at, working as a nurse it a team job sometimes and you have to learn to deal with many types of personalities.

Wages and Outlook:

As a nurse there are many types and areas you can look at to be a nurse such as , school nurse, public health, hospital nurse, home nurses and nursing care facility nurses. Nursing is a very high job occupation there is always a demand for nurses. Nurses in Mankato MN area make about 33.96$ an hr. Bringing in about 70,630$ a year.

Related job occupations:





Program Overview and Admissions

Nurses work in many areas some work from homes, schools or in hospitals. Nurses can do many things. Nurses keep people up to date on things that are important shots, vaccines, or just a check up. Nurses have responsibly to work as a team and work somewhat at a fast pace. Nurses should take classes that coincide with people and their bodily behavior. Atatomy, physics pre calculus and advacne biology classes.

Typical Course Work

-caring to elders/adults

-infants and mothers


-community care

-growth an development


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Schools Offering Registered Nursing

- St Cloud community and Technical college

-Rochester community and technical college

-University of Minnesota

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