The Valley of the Kings was a burial site for Egyptian Pharaohs that was built to be a safe place they could prepare for the afterlife.  

By: Bo Shaw

-The Valley of the Kings is a long narrow passage located west of the Nile River

-Over 60 tombs have been found in the Valley of the Kings

-During Egypt's new kingdom which was from 1539-1025BC the valley was a burial ground for Pharaohs, queens, high priest , and other elites

-The Valley of the Kings was built to get people ready for afterlife

-Egyptians stocked their tombs with all types of items that might be needed in the next world such as clothing, food, and jewelry

-Beliefs of afterlife led to a lot of preparation for death and burial which resulted in the construction of tombs

-The location of the burial ground was chosen to be there because it was a safe place

- The Valley 's location was also chosen to be there so Egyptians could hide the tombs in the heart of the mountain to prevent thieves from robbing the tombs

-No one was suppose to see the underground tombs  

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