Frederick Douglass Instagram

For this tack blog you will be creating 3 Instagram posts from Frederick Douglass's perspective. Consider the two chapters that we have read and think about what his daily life might look like.

You can search google for the images. When you find an image that you think will work, save it to your photos and then upload it to your blog.

You must include a caption for each photo and it must be a quote from the book. You must cite the book. Example (Douglass 15).

Here is an example:

"The plantation is about twelve miles north of Easton, in Talbot county, and is situated on the boarder of Miles River" (Douglass 26).
"This sloop was named Sally lloyd, in honor of one of the colonel's daughters" (Douglass 26).
"The allowance of the slave children was given to their mothers, or the old women having the care of them" (Douglass 27).