Human Trafficking

The Effects Of Trafficking

What is Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is a crime against all humanity. It involves recruiting, kidnapping and using force to steal innocent young boys and mostly girls and exploiting them for sex or labor of any kind.

How to Solve it

This can be solved by many different ways. First and foremost the cheapest and most enlightening way to help stop human trafficking is to spread awareness and prevention. One of the ways that human trafficking is spread by vulnerable teens being promised money or lied to about a "better life". Most Cambodian girls are promised better lives by people and are really sent to brothels. Another way is foreigners being lured by natives. If foreigners knew more about the safety and were more aware of trafficking in the country more people would take more precautions. Another way for human Trafficking to be stopped is for government to enforce the laws and not 'look the other way' when knowing there is illegal trading or kidnapping of people and not be bribed.

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We chose this topic because we felt that it was a crucial topic and that it needed to be solved quickly. It was said that a similar majority (73.4%) of survivors tested positive for sexually transmitted infection. It's a crazy percentage and should never have gone that far. Also 90% of survivors exploited for 2 months or less were STI infected, suggesting tremendous risk for acquisition in the initial phases of sexual exploitation. It's a crisis that can be fixed if intelligently attacked and may be prevented.


  • About 200,000 - 250,0000 women and children are trafficked each year in Southeast Asia
  • 14% of the traffickers who did survive, are HIV positive
  • Most trafficking in the world occurs in Cambodia, having 71% and in Indonesia having 61% of women and children being victims
  • In Cambodia, about 75,000 people suffer from HIV


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