Why you should visit Mali

Chris C. Mrs.Duff


Most people that live in Mali eat a lot of millet, and corn. They also make flour from millet. After that they turn in into porrige called to. for breakfast they eat it with powerred milk. Other times they eat millet with a lef or vegetable.


Malians don't like to not look nice.They put a lot of effort into there clothing.They don't just through stuff on like oh whatever they take time to carefully pick, and make clothes.

Holiday Traditions and Activities

They celebtate there holidays by dancing, and dressing in animal costumes. Malians have a very different culture than Americans. They have a lot of the same holiday by of course on different dates. They have of course like News years, Labor Day, Christmas.

Government and Country History

Mali was not always named Mali. It was first named French Sudan. Mali was renamed in the nineteenth century. The weird thing is that most of Africa was was under control of Europe, but Mali was controled by France.


The government speaks French. but the most people speak is Bambara. Another common language is Fulfulde.

Religion and Beliefs

95% of Malians are Muslims. The other 5% is Christian.

Education and School

Kids from three to five go to preschool. Then when they are six they go to elementry. They countinue school for nine years. Three fourths of Mali's children go to school.

Tourist Interest

If you liking watching people play soccer it is the most popular game in Mali. Almost all the kids play soccer so if you are lokking forward to watching soccer it is more than likely that there will be a game being played. if there is not a game going on wait a little it is very likely one will start soon. I hope you want to visit Mali. :)

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