Meaning: Wild rice people           

                                                   Past History

The Menominee people mostly lived in the reservation Wisconsin.

                                               Present History

   Their live in Wisconsin and the upper Michigan peninsula. The problems there facing today is that the rich people is often overshadowed by the many social ills Menominee people suffer.


The most important food they ate is wild rice. The Indians also raises squirrel  and beans. The men hunted the deer and fished the sturgeon and other fish.


The women wore woven skirts.The men wore breechcloths with leggings. The Menominee Indians also wore deerskin moccasins.


The homes are made out of lodges with bark covering,and wigwams.Also the designed is like a circle with a hole in it.


The hunters and warriors used bows, arrows, and stone axes.


The girls liked to play with dolls and another game is that they throw snowsnake and see who threw the farthest.They also liked to play the game teenagers.

Interesting Facts

One of the interesting facts are that they liked to tell stories like a fairy tale story called how the porcupine got his quills.


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