"What to do in Summer?"

        When I was a child, Summer for me is the perfect time to meet new kids and often play with them. I loved spending time with friends playing different sorts of games. But as I gain age, I had a doubt about what I should really do in Summer.

        Some told me that summer is the time to advance study. I guess they have a point. Aside from studying in school, studying at home while summer is a great way to jumpstart in class. It is quite fun but, I want something to do which is worth of my favorite part of the year. I don't say that advance studying is a waste of time, it is important. But, I want something that is fun, something that brings fun to a higher level. So, others asked me, "Why don't you take a vacation in beaches, provinces, or even in other countries?". I like adventure and seeing beautiful sites. It is what many do to spend their summer. It is definitely fun. Me and my family often go to a vacation every year in different beaches. But there is still something missing. . . Fun and excitement that I get from these activities doesn't last long. I want something that gives long lasting happiness.

         My parents taught me about a lot of things about obeying God's word or what we call, the Bible. I enjoy learning how studying the Bible can get me closer to our Grand Creator. Like advance studying, reading the Bible everyday gave me a jumpstart in understanding certain questions that only God's word can answer. For example, Who is God? What is the purpose of life? What happens to us when we die? Why does God permits suffering? Knowing the answers to these questions gave me fulfillment. Like I said earlier, I want something to do that gives me knowledge, fun and excitement, and happiness that lasts long. I think sharing what I learned from the Bible gives me all of those. Like what Acts 20:35 states, "‘There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving." Sharing the good news from God is the best type of giving. I spent my last summer by helping people understand the Bible. Until now, I go to different places to spread the good news!

Matthew 24:14 - "This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth."

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