Surface Tablet Apps for Mobile Learning

Module 9: Personal Mobile Learning

Kids are learning with the iPad. Photo from:

Google Earth

This is a great app for geography and history class. The app is a great visual aid in showing a big picture of connections between cities, countries, historic monuments, etc..

How can it be used in the classroom?

Since Google Earth connects to the internet, it can access relevant information with just one touch on "Earth". The tool is engaging and simple to use Students can explore anywhere they want without being overwhelmed by information. Teachers can assign one topic and have them to compare one or more countries. The app give a realistic feel to the students, as oppose to just words and pictures.


This app is interactive and give you a 3D view inside a cell. The description of the cell is divided into three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advance.

How can it be used in the classroom?

This app is great for any biology class, as it creates hands on opportunity in a time efficient manner. I like how the text are hidden at first, this provides self-testing opportunity. The 3D view is great for engaging students, and helping students to memorize more easily.


This is a language learning app that offer courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and English. First, the app provides simple activities and games for you to learn the language. You can also compete with your friends who are using the same app. It also has a translation feature that allows you to translate real-world texts.

How can it be used in the classroom?

I think Duolingo is a great homework app, and it is an additional assistance to language classrooms. Since students are translating real world text, they can also understand why learning a new language is relevant.


This app is very useful for keeping all your notes in one place. I can save images, audio recordings, websites etc.; therefore, I can record my ideas down more easy than before, and in a organize fashion.

How can it be used in the classroom?

This app help students to be more organize with their books and learning materials; therefore, less time will be spend on finding papers and worksheets as it is all in one app. This app help students to learn anytime and anywhere, especially if learning material is easy to access.  It also addresses the universal design for learning, as it has many features, from audio recordings, to image capturing.

A+ Pro flashcard

This app is one of the most user friendly app for flashcards. I can make my own deck, and divide my flashcards into three categories: know, not sure, and I don't know.

How can it be used in the classroom?

This app is great to use for group activities or discussion. For example, a student would place the card in an "I don't know" category, then other students will try to teach the individual about the concepts, or they can discuss about it. This activity with the app will let the students know their confidence level for each question, and give peers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback.  Another way to use this app is for assessment. Through this app, teachers then can understand what concepts they need to review again.

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