tastiest seafood from the closest shore

Come join us in a tasty seafood experience where you get the choice of your favorite meats, veggies, and fruits to be delivered right in front of you in seconds. We have two specials going on right now, the meaty bob and the veggie bob, each including 4 rods. The meaty bob contains two meats of your choice along with potatoes and mushrooms and the vegetarian bob includes three veggies of your choice paired with pineapple. The meaty bob is priced at $14.50 and the vegetarian bob is priced at $10.50. My restrictions were to start my business with $10,000. My second restriction was to sell at least 40 meat in one day and 20 veggie in one day so I can make a decent profit.

X=meat     Y=veggie

Cost: 8.50x    Sell: 14.50x     Profit: 6.00x

          6.50y              10.50y                  4.00y

8.50x+6.50y<10000          x>40          y>20

(0,20) (40,20) (1161,20)

equation: 6x+4y=     6(0)+4(20)=$80     6(40)+4(20)=$320     6(1161)+4(20)=$7046

1161-meat sold in one month     20-veggie sold in one month

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