Winter/Spring Art Classes
St. Bernadette Parish School

February 23-April 29, 2015
Monday Session k- 2nd or 3rd
Wednesday Session 3rd-7th grade


Session 1 K- @ 3rd

February 23, 2015 Learn to mix colors

Recognizing primary, secondary and tertiary colors

March 2, 2015 Color Theory/ Art History (abstract, non-objective art)

Create a painting based upon Kandinsky's Squares with Several Concentric Circles

March 9, 2015 Color, Shape and Form (realistic art)

Create a Painted Pears Still-life

March 16, 2015 Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Direction, Size, Texture, Color, Tone

Monochromatic Octopus Design

March 23, 2015 Using Pattern and Color to Create Personality

Step by step owl drawing - The same basic owl outline is filled with unique designs to create owls with different personalities

March 30, 2015 Art with Embroidered Elements

(introduction to backstitch and running stitch which may be practiced over Easter vacation if desired)

Drawing on fabric of Christ Resurrected with embellished light beams and clouds

April 13, 2015 Mixed Media Art

Paintings on Fabric with Embroidery using either back stitch or running stitch

April 20, 2015 Spirals and Printmaking

Make spiraling snakes by printing bubble wrap to create snakeskin texture/scales

April 27, 2015 Sculpture

Create standing aluminum foil sculptures of the human form using wooden art mannequins for reference.

Session 2, 3rd grade +

Special Service Project

Create a glass mosaic of the school logo to be installed at St. Bernadette Parish School, and an individual glass mosaic artwork to take home.


February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25, April 1, April 15, April 22, April 9

*If we finish making mosaic art before the session is finished, we will follow the schedule of art topics outlined in Session 1

* A make-up session will be scheduled for any students who attend Camp Waskowitz 4/20-4/24

Feb 23- MONDAY Today we talked about primary, secondary and tertiary colors, how different colors look next to one another, how to mix colors, and how to make grays, browns, blacks, darker shades and lighter tints.

Feb 25- WEDNESDAY This class uses a studio/workshop model.   Techniques are introduced at the beginning of each session.  Both the period goals  and the objectives that will be achieved over a nine week session are presented so that the participants can decide each week how they are going to use their time to both create a community mosaic for the school, and create individual mosaics to take home.  Over the  nine week session, the community mosaic will be achieved by 1) using a pattern, tacking the glass to fiberglass mesh to create the shield design. 2) trim the edge of the mesh 3) butter a shield shaped cement board with mortar 4) mount the mosaic glass on the cement board embedding it into the mortar and grouting it with  remaining mortar   4) use the mortar to create a finished rounded edge 5) clean and seal mosaic.   The individual mosaic framed mirrors will be made using the direct method, grouting, cleaning and sealing the tiles.  If these mosaics are finished before the end of the session, various indirect methods will be introduced to invite the students to expand their knowledge of techniques.   

March 2 - Monday Today we studied warm and cool colors as they relate to the other colors around them. We used Kandinsky's abstract concentric circle paintings as inspiration for creating color studies.

Mosaic Class Wednesday March 4

Monday March 9- Painted Pears, Realistic Still-life using wet and dry watercolor techniques

Mosaic Class Wednesday 3/11  Continued applying mosaic glass to school shield and individual pieces

Monday March 16 Octopus Drawings- Thinking About Design

3/18 Wednesday Mosaic Class

Monday March 23- Owls- Free choice of media- Objective: to create owls with personality.

Wednesday March 25- Mosaic project:  Some students finished their individual mosaics by applying a copper edge,  cleaning and sealing them, while others grouted them. Everyone continued to work on the shield.

Monday March 30, Art with Embroidered/Beaded Elements

Monday April 20th Mixed Media Art

Picasso inspired bouquets on sewn panels

Wednesday April 15 Mounting and Grouting the Mosaic

This process took an incredible amount of teamwork and patience to ensure mixing a strong mortar, accurate registration and mounting,  and careful grouting of the emblem.

Monday April 20th

The beading, sewing and cutting exercises were all designed to provide practice for eye hand coordination and various fine motor skills.  The improvement and mastery of these skills became evident when students drew spirals and felt confident making curved smooth cuts on the continuous curved lines that they drew.   

Learning about spirals, how to draw them, how to use basic printmaking tools, and how to print snakeskin patterns on spiral snakes

Wednesday April 22: Mosaic Workshop

Cleaning, Sealing and Signing the Mosaic

Monday April 27th- Sculpture- The human form and end of the session celebration!

April 29- Mosaic Workshop- Added a protective metal foil border to edge of crest, and delivered the mosaic to the school office.  Students brought all the heavy boxes and bags of mortar and glass out to the parking lot. For the rest of the class we made human forms out of foil, had cookies and an end of session celebration.